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July 22, 2019

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  • Moringa Studies Youtube Channel

    Those who grew up in the parts of Asia where Moringa (Drumbstick, Mallunggay, whatever you call it) is a common part of your diet, I realize you look at us in the U.S. and laugh.  This plant has been well-known for years to be very nutritious supplying vitamins and nutrients to societies where vitamins and nutrients are hard to come by.

    It is also well known for its medicinal and healing properties.

    I personally, however, would not have learned about it if it wasn’t for the fact that my wife is from a culture where the plant is a big part of their diet.

    Once I heard of it, my initial reaction was to laugh.  Oh, another plant believed to be the cure-all.

    But then I decided that if so many people have been using this plant for so many years, the only way to know for sure if there is truth or not is to study it myself.

    Thus I began studying the Moringa plant.  I wanted to learn how to grow it (as I wanted to be able to supply my needs for the plants just like many families do around the world).  I then followed-up with studying the effects of consumption by taking the plant in a variety of forms.

    I would dry the leaves and put them into pill form as seen in this video:

    I took the leaves via powder:

    And most of the time I would simply eat the leaves fresh by picking them and putting them in a salad, in a smoothie, or cooking them.  They cook much like spinach.

    Click here if you would like to buy some fresh leaves.

    Since eating healthy was a big part of my life, I have used my body as a testing grounds to see if the claimed benefits were indeed true.

    Whether Moringa is a special plant that is like no other is still yet to be determined, but I do know this.  When I use it along with healthy eating and healthy living, I feel great.   There are many components that go to making you feel your absolute best:

    • Rest
    • Social interaction, connection
    • Feeling loved
    • What you put in your body, diet
    • Activity
    • Healthy competition
    • Giving or service to others
    • Feeling financially stable
    • And the list can go on

    So I wouldn’t write here stating that if you add moringa to your diet, you will suddenly and miraculously have a life changing experience.  However, in studying reported benefits, I do know that I have noticed various improvements in joint pain, more positive mood, increased level of focus, less fatigued, and a some other healthy feelings.

    Everyone’s experience may be different and the best I can say is to give it a try on your own.

    The powder or pills are the easiest methods for consumption as the taste of the leaves for some is slightly bitter.  I find it tastes 10 times better than alcohol and if people can get used to drinking alcohol, you can certainly get used to eating some bitter leaves for improved health benefits.

    I created a complete list of benefits if you are curious.  This was my own take on the research that is out there on Moringa.  So many reports are all the same so I made my own version.